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Thanks for your help. I can share your social media handles on my social media channels every week as a "roll call" thank you!
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- I will send you a digital copy booklet of all the workshops for each month and personal testimonials for the attendees. I will also give you the shout out as in tier one if you want!
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You will also get a printed booklet every month sent to you with photos and stories showing the difference that you are making and the types of cities attendees are creating with testimonials. Your name/details can be printed at the start of the book. I will also put in one of my original sketches too. Thank you so much!




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About James

Who Am I?

Hello, thanks for dropping by.

I'm an artist and designer. I mix traditional with digital, 3D graphics, traditional drawing, 3D printing, sculpture. My work is about how we can make the future amazing despite all the negatives things that confront us in life.

I have been featured in blogs and magazines and shortlisted in two Channel 4 film festivals. Most recently in April 2016, I had a one page article about my 3D prints in the international magazine 3D World.

I run regular "Cities Of The Imagination" workshops around the place. I love creating cities of the imagination and I bet you do too! I'm really passionate about my art and I am so pleased when I can inspire others.

As a professional artist and tutor I have to charge fees for people to attend my Cities Of The Imagination workshops as it helps me buy food and mend tiles on my roof after all the gales we get on the west coast of Scotland! It also means that I can continue to make my own art that further improves the experience attendees get with the workshops.

My goal Patreon page is to get enough donations so that I can offer these workshops at reduced rate or free as much as possible.

Why Am I Asking You To Give Me Money?

I have a passion to inspire and introduce new tools to people who may not be able to afford the workshops, they are usually around £19 UK per person.  The best places to do this workshop are at FabLabs and Makerspaces. These spaces have access to 3d printers, lasercutters and a whole range of other tools to help people unleash their creativity. However, I need to rent the space, travel to the space and also get marketing materials made such as flyers.

To see my art check out my art website www.jamesabellart.com I call myself a "tradigital" artist mixing traditional tools with digital.

Also www.3zuni.com is my own science fiction project and uses tools and affordable software and hardware, which will help to show others that they don't need a Hollywood studio down the road to make something, although that would be nice actually!

"We Can’t Change The Past But We Can Work Towards Making Our Futures Better“

Aims For 2019 - 
My plan for late 2018 and 2019 is to visit FabLabs and Makerspaces in the UK, Europe and elsewhere and run my Cities Of The Imagination workshops and I hope with your help at a reduced rate or free.

Charging less or free for these workshops means that learners who cannot pay for them will be able to get inspiration, learn new tools and feel creatively charged!

Come on the journey with me

By the end of 2019 I plan to have hosted these workshops in as many FabLabs/Makerspaces in the UK, Europe and beyond. I also hope to start getting my own kit such as a portable 3D printer to allow to give these workshops in "non makerspace" places!

Ok So There It Is
I do hope you will join me wit this journey. If you like my idea of the Cities Of The Imagination but are not able to give me money, please share, comment like etc on my blog, Facebook, twitter, Instagram. Or tell anyone you know that may be interested in these workshops.This really helps. Thank you!

If you want more information please go to my www.citiesofimagination.com page, thanks!

p.s. I am not really that into making intro videos, check my playlist out here which is part of the Cities Of The Imagination weekly "architectonic" jam.

$0 of $200 per month
This will really help me to put on one free Cities Of The Imagination event in Scotland or London each month. Thank you!
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