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Hello again!

Welcome back to the Neo-Silver Age of comics!

Creating "Neo-Silver" comics is a release valve for yours truly. I like the old, campy, fun to read comics from the original Silver Age instead of the serious and darker concepts the big companies came up with later on, so I'm reversing the trend and making my own at Babcock Graphics Press!

So, in my comics I'll forgo:
  • Excessive blood letting
  • Large amounts of collateral damage
  • Needless destruction of innocents and civilians
  • Stereotyping characters because of race, creed, sex, or religion
  • Creating shock material to gross out or alarm the audience
  • Empty erotic elements
  • Bad language

What I intend to do is:
  • Recreate the Silver Age comics with modern artwork
  • Use updated storylines and characters
  • Give clear morality with fewer grey areas
  • Tell stories that have a beginning, middle, and end
  • Create stories that have uplifting maxims
  • Make comics fun, adventurous and exciting again!

It's my own Babcock Quality Code!

As my patron, you will get update notices about another comic I'm creating right now, Dyn-A-Mic Tales, an old-school two-for-one comic with two separate heroes in two different stories, currently starring Dark Thunder in a comedy about an arrogant, macho muscle-man who keeps transforming uncontrollably into a nervous little geek and back at the worst times, and Red Web in her own story as an ancient Egyptian spider-goddess who has appeared in the present day and is hunting a demon, but all she keeps finding is regular crooks and thugs!

FOR MY LONG TIME READERS: Yup! This is a reboot! Glad to have you back!
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If 10 of you will support me, I'll add some fast, pencil sketches to the feed! You're here, time to entertain (more)!
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