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My first goal is to finish repairing the mortar, priming and painting the east side of the ArtCave (tm) before autumn arrives in all its wet glory.  Any contributions at this point will really help in that particular need, but I'm also hoping to get heating installed so my little fingers don't freeze off, because then I'd have little stumps and it would be hard to make sculpture with little stumps for fingers! :-)

After that, the ArtCave needs some other serious work such as moving an electrical panel for my welding machines and even putting in a larger door so I can get the sculptures OUT after I make them.

YOU can help make it possible for me to continue creating beautiful art.

You may THINK that $2 or $5/month wouldn't make a difference or that I might be "insulted" by $2, but you would be very, very wrong!  That's the beauty of everyone pitching in... you are so much more than your individual part; you become involved in the WHOLE THING, not just what you pledged, but what EVERYONE pledged! :-)


To see more about me or my work visit my website at:
James Kelsey Studios

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$133.12 of $1,600 per month
LOL!  That goal says I need $1,600 each month. . . I really only need it ONCE.

As some of you know who have seen the front of my studio, I've been doing A LOT of repairs.  Next up is the 'long' side and I'm HOPING to get it done before the cold weather stops me from repairing the mortar and painting.  If I can, I'd LOVE to carry on with the Mondrian style already completed.

Even though I'm doing all the labor myself, the supplies and paint are expensive, mostly because there's so much needed.

Your monthly patronage will go a long way towards making this happen.  THANK YOU!

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