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The Shadow of a Singer will be my 3rd studio album, and I’m excited about getting some new songs recorded in the studio. A lot has happened for me since my last record in 2011, when I was a finalist in the All Ireland Talent Show. I recorded two albums with The Kilfenora Ceili Band, and played all over Ireland, in venues like The Concert Hall in Dublin, and live on The Late Late Show. I am a regular guest with US band Cherish The Ladies on their US tours as well as in Ireland. My website, www.donstiffe.com, has pictures of some of the great names and bands I've been performing with since my last album. I’ve also been busy with my own concert schedule. This album will be another step on my musical journey, and I’m excited about the ideas for arrangements that are coming together for the songs. Some are my own compositions, and tell my life’s unravelling story in different ways.
Today, the music industry has changed beyond recognition, and record companies are no longer a practical option for many artists. Making an album goes through a lot of different processes so the funds raised in this campaign will go towards the hire of a studio, an engineer, musicians and a producer, to mastering and mixing album, designing and printing the artwork ,duplication of CDs, and finally hiring a publicist to promote the album.
Thankfully, new ways to finance a new record are coming about, and crowdfunding is one very popular way to ensure that the artist continues to make recordings. I would like to invite you to be an integral part of the making of my next record, so I’ve engaged with Kickstarter to put a program of rewards together that I hope you will find value in. For starters, every option includes a digital download of my new album.
Here’s how it works: You browse the different rewards, and make a selection. Your order is placed, and when the album is ready, you will get your items in the mail, as well your digital download of the album. I will be keeping you updated on the progress of the recording as we work away in the studio, with some live footage of the recording process too. You can also help by sharing this message, anywhere you see the link on social media.

Thanks for supporting live music,

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