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Thank you for finding this page...and if the words that fill it touch your heart, stir your soul, or make you think (even if it's just "what was he thinking?")...or on a good day, all 3, then I've done my job.
And then you can thank me by supporting the creative efforts that fill these (virtual) pages.
And then I'll be back to thanking you with more pages to thank me for.
So here we are, artist and patron joined in gratitude.
Thank you
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When I reach 1,000 patrons, I will put the income towards finishing my first book, "Moments Within Moments".
It is a collection of stories designed to give comfort and companionship in the early stages of profound loss..."the fog" as it is known. I had a very public written journey with the passing of my Mother, and have seen the stories reach people when they were in places no one could reach.
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