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About Jamie Wills-Taylor

Hi I'm Jamie, 
I am a Singer Songwriter and YouTube Creator.
PATRON SUPPORT would literally change my life financially and allow me to leap forward creatively. I currently produce music & videos on an old white apple computer with one screw left in the back. I'm filming on an outdated Samsung note 4 which keeps switching off. I'ts not that I'm knocking my computer as its allowed me to produce so much, but yes, I do dream of new technology and what would be possible.
Me trying to mend my computer again, and no I didn't study computer science I studied music :) Yikes. x

was in the West End aged 10 at the Palladium and I have been lucky enough to perform with some well known faces. In 2017 I was excited to Win an LA Shorts Award for Best Score for the short film 'Katya'.

I am working on an album in between creating content on YouTube. Initially a Patron pledge would support a new apple computer to help me finish the album this year. Ongoing pledges would give me the freedom to keep working on my music and videos. I upload my original songs, share covers of my favorite artists and lifestyle Vlogs on YouTube regularly. I love connecting with people who enjoy my singing and music. If you believe in what I am doing and can support me with a pledge that would be amazing. Again thank you for for checking out my Patreon page. Jamie x

My latest  single 'Crave' Official Music Video - Crave | Official My Original song Written, performed & Produced by Jamie Wills-Taylor On Itunes

Finest Quality - Published on 17 Oct 2016

I was on the board in the YouTube building. That was an exciting day!

Meeting some of the YouTube creators and hearing their story's. 

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My first goal is to buy a new apple computer to work on. The one I have been working I bought second hand and It has always been problematic. It is always on a go slow :)
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