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The Sex Politics and Religion Hour: SPAR with Jamila, is a radio show and podcast coming out of Washington, DC. 

We consider all the issues around America and her people, and we aren’t afraid to tackle the tough issues and ask the questions others shy away from. 

The podcast beings you thinkers, doers, and the people affected by policy, culture and the laws of these United States. 

In addition to the show, you’ll have first access to interviews and stories I’m developing for other media. 
(Book!!! Cough, cough. I have a contract!)

Of course, I welcome you to listen on 89.3 WPFW FM in Washington, DC. You can also stream OMG at www.wpfwfm.org and listen live each Thursday from 2:00 - 3:00 Eastern.  But there are extended interviews, research and background on the programs and even music that will only be accessible to patrons. 

We launch this February, and we won't look back!  Join me.

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When I reach 100 patrons, I'm going to launch a monthly YouTube show for patrons only to discuss stories I've covered and share what we've got coming up.
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