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You will receive a recording of every new song, plus have access to all other songs posted on Patreon.
For every 10-15 new songs, I will create a digital album including the lyrics and a hand-drawn cover.

- First listen to all new songs
- Album downloads
- Lyrics

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Be my penpal! :)
I'll start off our chain with a personal letter, and you can tell me all about what is happening in your life. :)

- Postcard
- Handwritten letter
- Tiny personal touches (Pictures, stickers, glitter glue etc.)

Leadsheet (Digital)
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I will send you the lyrics and chords for any song of mine to your choosing. :)
This applies to every song on my Patreon page, including every song from the album "Songs for Robin".

- Lyrics and chords




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About Jane Who

Welcome to my Patreon page!

I can't wait to show you all the songs that I've been working on!

Sharing my music is really important to me. I've been searching for a long time to connect with fans in a more direct and personal way, rather than just throwing it out there in the unknown -- AKA the Internet.
You can send me a message, give feedback about my music or just generally keep in touch. 
I like hearing from fans and friends; it keeps the inspiration cycle going!

Thank you for your interest in my music.
I hope you will enjoy this page as much as I do. 

xoxo Jane

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When I reach 100 patreons, I will start a special "Live in my living room" video series, in which I perform my songs live at home, once a month.
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