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You could have your own short
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With $2 you could have your own short on music, like 3-5 seconds long. 
You could have your own intro song.
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If you go up to $3 as a patron, I can create your very own intro theme song for like your YouTube channel, or anything else that requires an intro. 
I'll make background music for you
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Reaching $5 seems very generous of you! Reaching $5 as a patron, I will make you background music that you can use on your videos! I will not have a set time on when you'll get the music but I will make sure I finish it and give it to you to see what you think. 




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Hello! I'm Jar'Vell! I wanted to make music as an everyday thing and maybe use patreon as a way to earn a little money that I could use for gifts for future fans if they really enjoy my work! I'd also want to give you guys some entertainment in other things I might have for videos. Thanks for checking me out on here! I hope you have an amazing life!
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I honestly don't have a personal goal that I want to go for with Patreon. I'd use this as a hobby mostly and use this just for entertaining others. It's good to entertain you guys, but I could maybe use the patreon money to get gifts for patrons and maybe if/when I have my own merchandise store. 
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