Jared Harkey

is creating YouTube videos that he thinks are funny, but probably aren't..
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Chicken Tenders
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I'm hungry as I'm making these, so chicken tenders are good but they're kind of just the go to if I want the basic. Good but very few exceed to great, if you understand what I'm getting at.
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I'm hungry as I'm making these, so cheeseburgers are pretty good. I'll be honest I've had many that have blown my taste buds away and I've had many from McDonalds, I think you catch my drift.
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Fettuccine Alfredo
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Alfredo is dope, tight meal if you ask me.
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About Jared Harkey

Hi my name is Jared and I create YouTube videos. I mostly do it because it's funny to watch and see how awkward I am, as well as my jokes being dumb. However, it is a really enjoyable hobby that I love to do and plan to keep evolving.
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This will mean that the food is getting people.
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