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Those who support me will receive access to all of my work and new stuff only seen here for you special people! also a high Rez digital art piece signed be me thanking you for your support!
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For those who wish to give a little extra will receive all the above, and I will take drawing requests from them of whatever they wish. 
they will have my on style and flavor to them as well as signed by me!




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   Hello there! I'm Jared Gagnon and i'm an artist/animator. My goal for patreon is to grow and make interesting artworks and animation projects (maybe some streams on twitch to come too). This is my passion and I really wish to create for a living instead of on the side as i have been. So with patreon i can! just pledge a dollar if you wish and it will all go towards new projects and EQUIPMENT. hopefully one day i can do it for a living full time, so lemme give a little info about me.
    Lets see where do I begin... I'm a Freelance artist and 2D animator I create really unique creatures and odd characters. I enjoy twisting anatomy and pushing the boundaries of imagination. I've also made projects for youtube channels, logo's and artwork for companies. Now thats out of the way I guess you're wondering what inspires me and all that. The ability to create anything is what I would tell you. Drawing flowers and people are all nice. Why limit the imagination though? Giving life into the unknown or writing the history of a new creature is what keeps me going....
    I have one art piece a week plus sketches and work in progress to keep you all updated, and try to get out an animation every few months. animating as a one man team takes a lot. Once my patreon gets more popular i can hire some help though! thanks for taking the time to view my page hope you will stay and grow with me!! 

Note that even if I don't get any money from any of you guys i will still be creating and putting great stuff out. So don't you worry about that :)
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Thanks for the support and if we reach this goal it will help me save towards some new equipment! yay!
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