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About Jasmine Valentina

Hello there, and welcome to my Patreon.
I am Valentina from WTV and I am a great public speaker.
I would love to start a Youtube-channel, to talk about things you can ask me to talk about.
Basically everything, except for porn.
I also would love to upload some random s**t sometimes, because it's hilarious.
50K subs, and I go dressed like Spiderman to school or something.
I hope that if you can't support me with money, you still can support me with something like a fan animation or anything that could come handy, like spreading my name like a virus.

Basically everything I need from here is money to get a good microphone,  a server & PC while also needing to pay for my housing and food.

If I already have those things.... I still keep the page open.

With love... 

p.s. feel free to check out my Youtube and Website.
$0 of $1,111 per month
I like to buy a new PC and a new microphone.
If I have the amouth of money I do not know if I give you what the reward crap said on the right side of the page. I might send everyone who helped me a strange cringe video of myself.

I am a person of words and deeds. But only when I like what I'm doing. like in this case. I would love to act because I am to lazy to work. But that's logic, because IF I work I earn like $8,- every hour, while the big boss gets the big cash.

Please, if you donate $5,- I would already give you a Skype-call.
So if you are a hater it is just $5,- to roast me right in front of my ugly-ass face.

If I get too many donations I'll just create a Facebookpage for myself so I could add you guys and we could give each-other support and hints if your in trouble.

If you actually..... like my content, but do not want to support by giving me your hard earned cash. I understand, and to be quite frankly I support your theory. You do not need to support me with cash, but it would be good.Instead (If you are a good animator) you can send me an intro you think would be nice for in my videos.  If you do so, I give you a shout-out, and put your Youtube-account in the description, If you would be so kind to give it to me.

You can also send me fan-art via Twitter. (O crap, that's a big word for a small channel.)
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