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About JasonVII

Who am I?
My name is Jason and I make Archery Video's on Youtube. I have been making these video's for three years and they have grown in popularity year on year. I want to keep making and creating content and improving as I go.

Sometimes I release other blog and vlog style video's, these will not be considered Patreon related video's.

Why I'm asking for your money?
Making and creating video's requires three things; passion, time and equipment. I have plenty of the first and less of the second than I would like, but it's the third thing that generated the need for this page.

Video making has been a passion of mine since I was very young but I've never had the money to get the right equipment to shoot the footage I really want. I've recently been able to upgrade to my first real camera that shoot's decent looking footage, with that, I need extra batteries, cards, tripod, microphone and all the cable's, chargers and bits and bobs that go with them. That is exactly where the money will be going. Every penny will go on equipment or film making expenses.  

If you like what I'm doing, consider buying me the equivalent of a coffee, I would very much appreciate it. I will absolutely continue doing this whatever happens, Patreon is just about improving the quality of the videos.

Thank you for your ongoing support, it really is a huge deal and I very much appreciate it.
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Batteries and Cards are the bread and butter of film making.. I need lot's of them, The first goal should at least get me to a comfortable level so I can shoot as much as I usually like too.
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