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Gives peace of mind that you're contributing whatever you can to help support the growth of my channel.  I appreciate anything, no matter the size of the contribution.  And you can sleep that much better at night just knowing you've played your part.
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Ever wanted to have somebody build your idea in Minecraft? At this level, I will publish a 1-part creative build of your idea.  (Within certain parameters.)  This level also gets you inside my thinking.  You will be included in the Patron-Only access Discord channel which will allow you to see some of my future plans.    Plus, there may even be occasions to vote on the direction of a series or contribute your own ideas and see them come to life in my videos.
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This level gets you everything above, but with a 2-part creative build!




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About JavaDad

Welcome to the JavaDad Cafe patreon page!  Beginning a youtube channel has been quite an experience.  Lots of new things to learn.  So far it's been a frustrating blast!

One of the things I've learned, though, is that my setup is barely enough to squeak by.  With your support, I will be able to upgrade to better equipment.  Not only does better equipment mean better quality, but it also means more time I can spend recording so I can bring you even more content.

While I can't tell you how valuable it is to me that you've hit the like button on my videos and subscribed to my channel, supporting via Patreon takes things to the next level.

I hope you enjoy the videos I create and really appreciate any support you can provide.