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About Jaymond Justice

Hi, my name is Jaymond Justice, and I'm a manga/comics artist. Since young, i have always been
interested and fascinated by action mangas such as One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, JoJo, Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist etc. and hence, i was inspired to become a comics artist someday. I always like to draw and create fantasy stuff and characters such as dragons, knights, warriors and the designing process is very fulfilling for me and i really enjoyed it.

So what is Patreon? Think of Patreon as sort of like a crowdfunding or kickstarter website and a way for you to donate and support the work of someone you enjoy. You will still be able to read my comics completely free. If I can get enough support from you amazing people I would be able to update you guys with my comics more regularly and perhaps even work on it full-time and stop doing my freelance works. Thanks so much!!
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