is creating Streams full of Russian bias memes
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If you're considering doing that, know that in my eyes you are the best person in the world ;)
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You ARE one of the best people in the world, but I will also put your name on my "starting", "brb", and "ending" stream sections as "THE SEXIEST PATRON" using some badass font (maybe of your chosing?)!



About JeanClodVanShot

Greetings, tovarisch!

First of all thank you for even clicking here, I'm very glad you came :3.

My name is Seymur Agayev (british google translate nails my last name's pronounciation ;) ), and I am 26 years old. I am a small streamer from Russia (doing only english streams tho!), my twitch channel is called JeanClodVanShot. I mostly play the game that is filled with the russian BIAS the most - War Thunder, and I also enjoy some good old singleplayer games, but only those that my computer is able to run, it's from 2013.

I've created this page for those sexy people who want to slap dat booti with some coin time to time :D. I still haven't figured out the reward system for you guys, but I will gladly read your ideas on that matter in my discord ;).

Thank you!
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This will fully cover my monthly rent payments!

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