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This tier gives me some change to spend on something. This might go towards hosting a server or a 3D printer. In the long run, it will help me produce more content, whatever the sort.  My eternal (monthly) thanks are yours. 

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Wow, you must be invested! This is a pretty big amount of money to give to some random on the internet monthly. My eternal (monthly) thanks are yours.




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Hi, I make content.
What content do I make? It varies.
Previously, I've made videos and tutorials associated with the Rust skins I've produced.
At the moment, 3D sculpting and helping administrate EGC's game servers is my focus outside of business.

Thanks for stopping by!
$0 of $1 per month
$1 a month will get me almost a 1/100th of the way to $1 a month after fees. This is very good. $1 a month is a big amount of money to earn considering a lot of what I do is for fun/learning.

$1 a month will ensure something gets done, no matter what.
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