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Anything you can offer is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for the help.  One of my pets (Ender, Flit, and Gizmo) will send you a monthly pic.
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Three times the thanks!  Patrons at this level will receive access to patron only monthly blog posts.  And also the pet pics.
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I’ve had worlds in my head for decades, desperate to be free. I’ve just released my first novel, Fallen Avatar, on Amazon, and have already begun work on its follow-up, Fallen Hosts. More will follow after that.

In addition to being a writer, I’m also a stay-at-home father. First to my perpetual motion machine of a stepson, who was an only child until years later his ginger menace of a half-brother joined him. We thought we were done at that point, but then with three days notice became kinship caregivers to my 17 month old step-great niece, who has been with us for the majority of her life and has become our ward. Since those three are clearly not enough work by themselves, I’ve also been caring for my mother these past few months. She had a surprise brain tumor the day after her birthday. I think we both would have preferred a surprise party with nothing but creepy clowns and stripping president impersonators for entertainment. She’s shown excellent progress, but will require assistance for the foreseeable future.

Any money I get from this Patreon will go towards smoothing the above logistics and making it easier for me to write. If all I can get each month is an extra cup of coffee, I will enjoy it for the damn fine cup of coffee it will no doubt be. Thank you for taking the time to read this, regardless of whether or not you choose to become my patron.
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This will allow me to restock my DDApp monthly.  Lack of caffeine is the mind killer.  
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