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A Behind the Scenes Look!
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Thank you for your support! Every day that I make any sort of creative progress, I will share about it right here for all my patrons to see. This includes screenshots of the project's current point of completion and my thoughts about where I'm headed with it.

See the Layers in Between
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In addition to the above rewards, I will release my latest YouTube videos here for you to see ahead of time. Also! Every single time I complete an image, I will share the original .PSD files for you to inspect and go a little extra in-depth with some of my techniques. This is for any artist who wants a closer look at the method of my madness.

Sticky Note Requests!
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In addition to the above rewards, I will offer you a sticky note sketch lovingly made with as much detail as I can fit in that little square (SFW requests only, please. My mom watches my stuff. Limit one character). Also, your name will appear at the end credits of every YouTube video I release!




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About Anne Iglesias

Hello, all!

I'm Anne Iglesias, but if you've seen my art around the internet, you probably just know me under my handle and username "JediAnn Solo"... or maybe as "that chick who draws AGENCY"... or "that artist that used to draw SpongeBob fanart but she stopped and I don't watch her anymore." Well, um... no matter how you know me, that's me. :D

What's the shtick here?

I have been writing and illustrating stories since I was a little girl and I've been sharing them online for well over a decade. And I've enjoyed every moment of it! Even during those existential crisis moments where I reflect on me being 30+ years old and still drawing cartoons. :D I have original projects of my own and even help people produce their own content, but I've always shared my fan work first and foremost. It's a great way to make new friends (by sharing in a game, movie or show that we both enjoy) and to strengthen my craft.

While my noir-parody crossover, AGENCY, is still in the works, I've also started investing on 2 projects that are very near and dear to my heart: my YouTube channel, Anne Writes Like a Girl, and an original comic story with the working title of "Camila and the Secret Sin". They are in their early stages, so I am happy to talk about those with just my patrons for now.

What is being done with your monetary help?
Many moons ago, I joined Patreon close to its infancy in the hopes that I could use the financial support to upgrade my art tools and, in turn, help me be more productive. However, real life struck very hard and I was unable to keep the lofty promises that I initially offered in the tier rewards system. So I stepped away for awhile to rethink my strategy. It's been several years since then. I am now a stay-at-home mom and therefore have a lot less time on my hands than what I used to. But on the bright side, being able to stay at home allows me to be at arms reach of my art whenever my duties are taken care of.

Instead of promising something overly extravagant, I am starting off by offering my transparency and constant communication for the price of $1 a month. I will show you the step-by-step of everything I'm doing at the moment to move my projects forward.

I will use this fund to purchase traditional art supplies, pay for my Adobe CC subscription (which allows me to create digital art) and overall for a little boost of motivation and not starving. :)

Thank you for considering to give and helping to keep my work alive!

You can find my work in these sites:
My Website • AGENCY on The Duck • Twitter • Tumblr • YouTube
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With this many patrons supporting me, I will have the ability to update and expand my art software library and produce finished content more often for you all! 
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