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About JeepLyfe

I have always had a passion for playing video games and recently, I started recording and editing my videos. For the past couple years, I've pushed off gaming to go into diesel technician school to only graduate and get jobs that meant nothing to me. Every time I hit that play now button and record button, I become my true self and enjoy what I truly enjoy and love. Of course I'm not asking for handouts. It would just be much appreciated to have support in what I truly want to do which is to make videos for people to enjoy and laugh at.
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This goal is monthly and will go straight into my PC and editing upgrades to better my videos and experience. It will also give me the ability to start streaming and post a whole lot more content and get more games so people who watch can enjoy and get the content they desire and deserve for becoming not only a patreon supporter but part of a community to enjoy. Seriously appreciate anyone who involves themselfs in my dream!
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