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is creating music and videos promoting authenticity.
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About Jeff Miller

Hello, person of the internet! My name is Jeff.

Who am I?
I consider myself a content creator, musician, puppy enthusiast, and owner to one of the world's loudest sneezes. But, above all else, I'm a human who happens to be transmasculine just trying to navigate the world one day at a time (with a little help from my friends and pupper, Aspen).

What do I do and when?
I make videos every Monday and Friday on my Youtube channel. Mondays are music related whereas Fridays are more on topics including trans related issues, current events, the documentation of my transition, and more!

What is this page for?
Well, this is a place where you can monetarily support what I do if you would like! If you enjoy what I do, and have the financial ability to do so, I would be so incredibly grateful! With your support, I'll be able to amplify the value of what I bring to the table by travelling to schools to perform and share my journey to help educate those all across the country. That would be so rad! Your help will also go directly into a surgery fund for one of the largest surgeries I will face to date: phalloplasty in July of 2018.

What I can do for you:
I will continue to make videos for as long as I can (and for as long as the passion is there). The videos I make are meant to be ways of helping others and they will always remain free. But if you choose to be a patron on Patreon, there are some perks that exist as a way for me to thank you in whatever way I can.

Other support options!
If you are unable to make a monthly commitment and still wish to support me somehow, there's another way! You can make a payment of any amount to my Paypal account here:

All in all, thank you so much simply for stopping by! And, as always, you are valid. You are loved. 💙

You can also find me here:

(Photo credits to MSchleif Photography)
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