is creating A Public Minecraft Server
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The first 20 people who donate $2 will have great influence in where they want the server to start. They will be in direct contact with myself and my team and their input will help us decide the direction of the server. 

Note: One the first goal has been reached, this reward will be removed.
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Your name in bright, fancy colours... How does that sound? Your name will have a special colour that'll stick out from the rest!

-Includes previous rewards
per month
Wow! Aren't you the greatest person on Earth! That's ¼ of the first goal! Not only do you get to help decide the future of the server, you will also be beheaded* and your head placed in a special room on the server for all the see.

*Does not include actual beheadings

-Includes all previous rewards




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About JeffLeafFan

Welcome to the start of something great. Sure Mineplex and Hypixel are great. If you like pay-to-play servers where the owners only care about money. Today, you have the opportunity to help create something amazing! We are here to give you the ultimate Minecraft server. Now we can't just start as the best; we have to work and grow as a community to get there. I am personally leading a team that is dedicated to crafting the best server from the ground up. Unfortunately, nothing in life is free and that is why we are asking you guys to help us get the foundation in place for something great! If you would like to be apart of history, you're in the right spot.
$0 of $40 per month
The very FIRST goal! You have helped create the start of an amazing Minecraft server! Development has already begun and we should be launching soon!
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