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is creating Words That Sound Good Together: Poetry, Essays, Short Stories
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About Jenn Carson

Thank you for joining me!  I'm a small-town librarian and single mum by day, writer by night (and sometimes by early, pre-kid morning).  By being my patron it means I can keep writing and not worry so much about keeping the lights on.

My goal is to work with my good friends at Chapel Street Editions to produce an awesome-quality print-copy of my collected work.  But paper and layouts and printing costs money, so we need your help!  By being my patron this is your way of saying you believe good writing should get out there, like buying a copy of the book in advance.   Like having a tiny bit of faith that miracles still happen, you are waiting patiently for Christmas morning, while me and the elves scurry around the workshop, bringing you a stack of word-toys.  Enjoy!
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Once I reach $250/month my good friends at Chapel Street Editions will make a beautiful limited-print-run of my poetry manuscript Chew Off Your Own Arm (If You Have To), available first to patrons to hold in their hot little hands.

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