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About Jennifer Bardall

Hi, everyone, and thanks for visiting my Patreon page!

Since summer 2017, an idea has been brewing in my head. A story about a young man named Osfarth the Younger who lives in a world split by war, a world of legend and magic and monsters. He also lives in the shadow of his deceased father, Osfarth the Elder, who happens to be the greatest warrior anyone has ever known and a complete legend. We're talking all-four-Beatles-rolled-into-one, only he carried a sword instead of a guitar and slayed monsters instead of the hearts of screaming girls.

Osfarth wants to be remembered as the legend father still is. This, plus the fact that he and his dim-witted but loving mother could use the money, leads him to travel to the capital of Ashfyrth to take part in a tournament where the king has offered a hefty prize to anyone who can beat his strongest soldiers.

He doesn't count on meeting the assassin Gisele along the way, a fierce, talented and dangerous girl who agrees to accompany him and train him as they go. See, Osfarth isn't half as good as he thinks he is at fighting, taking care of himself - or with women, which Gisele is more than happy to remind him at every possible opportunity. Her tongue is as sharp as her dagger.

The misadventures they encounter along the way to the capitol, along with the secrets they uncover - for instance, why is King Henreid really holding this tournament? - makes up Book One, which will then stretch into Two, Three and so on. I've written thousands of words of history, legend and characters and know there's room to develop much more. I love these people, I love their world.

Why am I doing this? I plan to make a video soon, but the brief rundown: I've worked full-time as a ghostwriter for nearly three years. While I've written untold number of stories (seriously, I'll have to count them someday, but they're in the hundreds), I've never put my name on any of them. Nobody knows I'm the writer. I've even read terrific reviews and wished the readers knew I was the one who wrote what they loved. Granted, not everybody loved everything and in those instances I was glad to be anonymous, but you know want I mean.

If I could transition to writing under my own name full-time, it would mean the world to me and be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Thank you for taking the time to check me out, and I hope you come along with me on this journey!

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