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My Patreon is going to be under going some construction and will prolly come back next year as a Needleminder of the Month club! :) Thank you to everyone who supported me!

I love to craft and I love the community that I've discovered through streaming on!
 This Patreon was created to give my amazing supporters a way to further support me in doing what I love and also get some goodies along the way! The community  I have become a part of & support that I have received over the past few months has been amazing and you all have seriously deepened my love for crafting and I'd love to share that with you all! <3

I'll try to add new tiers, rewards, and switch things up as I think about them and of course your feedback and ideas are super appreciative and respected!

Apologies but at this time I cannot ship to International Patrons outside of the USA due to international shipping costs. Your support is still very much appreciated but I understand if you wish not to pledge to me at this time due to this restriction. :)
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Currently raising money for:

1. Plastic cross stitch canvas as I am running very low.
2. Webcam upgrade for face camera for Twitch Streaming.
3. Expanding collection of fabric dyes for cross stitching.

All proceeds will be towards these goals!
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