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Behind the scenes! Where do I get my ideas? What am I struggling with in my writing? You get to see blog entries about the process of writing. All subsequent tiers also unlock this reward, which may contain surprise drafts, poems in progress, or short works to illustrate my point.
Single Rune Draw
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Pulling a single rune from the bag and meditating on its meaning will give you a quick answer about a situation, or just a general guide to what energy is present in your life right now.
Single-Question Lenormand Spread
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A single "fan" of Lenormand cards, famous for giving speedy and blunt answers, will describe what is happening in your life with three of the cards, and the overarching pr connecting factor with the fourth.




Jenny Wren is the pseudonym of a poet. One of my other talents is divination: Tarot and Lenormand cards, ogham staves, pendulums, runes. Now, you and I know that Tarot, etc. readings are for entertainment purposes only! They are definitely not a substitute for qualified psychological or medical care! However, some people find the existence of these simple playing cards actually upsetting, like I was trying to turn them from evangelical Christianity to theistic Satanism by existing. (I wear a lot of black. Maybe that's it.) Hence, the pseudonym.

My readings are so accurate that I scared myself with the most recent one. I might tell that story sometime.
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$18.50 would cover a pocket stone of kyanite, merlinite, or polychrome jasper to keep me grounded and protected, as a "pet rock" to take back and forth to doctors' appointments. PTSD is rough.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 59 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 59 exclusive posts

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