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Jenny Wren is the pseudonym of a poet. One of my other talents is divination: Tarot and Lenormand cards, ogham staves, pendulums, runes. Now, you and I know that Tarot, etc. readings are for entertainment purposes only! They are definitely not a substitute for qualified psychological or medical care! However, some people find the existence of these simple playing cards actually upsetting, like I was trying to turn them from evangelical Christianity to theistic Satanism by existing. (I wear a lot of black. Maybe that's it.) Hence, the pseudonym.

My readings are so accurate that I scared myself with the most recent one. I might tell that story sometime.
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Behind the Keyboard
per month
Behind the scenes! Where do I get my ideas? What am I struggling with in my writing? You get to see blog entries about the process of writing. All subsequent tiers also unlock this reward, which may contain surprise drafts, poems in progress, or short works to illustrate my point.
Single Rune Draw
per month
Pulling a single rune from the bag and meditating on its meaning will give you a quick answer about a situation, or just a general guide to what energy is present in your life right now.
Single-Question Lenormand Spread
per month
A single "fan" of Lenormand cards, famous for giving speedy and blunt answers, will describe what is happening in your life with three of the cards, and the overarching pr connecting factor with the fourth.
One-Card Tarot Draw
per month
Choose from the Tarot decks I have available or one of my oracle decks. Alternatively, let me pick one I think would be best for your question. This tier is good if you want a quick answer about one issue. Please allow 24 hours for turnaround. 
Three-Rune Draw
per month
This could reveal your past, present, and future, or simply show you three aspects of your current life to be aware of.
One-Stave Ogham Draw
per month
The ogham are an angular alphabet used in early Celtic writing (there is an inscription in an ancient cave at Oweynagat, Ireland, for example, and they appear on standing stones in Scotland). Mine are woodburned onto short sticks, made for me by artist Dorie Raven. Each letter is connected to a tree: Q stands for the apple tree, so Dorie cut Q from apple wood. These require a little more meditation and interpretation than cards. Please allow 24 hours for turnaround. 
Three-Card Tarot Draw
per month
Depending on your question, I may do a "past, present, future" or a "here's the situation; definitely do this thing; definitely don't do this other thing" reading. See One-Card Draw for the decks I currently have on hand. 
The Pentagram: 6-Card Tarot Reading
per month
There are six cards in this spread -- one for each point of your question, and one in the center. Excellent for getting to the heart of a single question or issue. You get to choose the deck I use (just email for the list) and whether I may publish your reading here, with or without crediting you by name or pseudonym.
The Bow: 7-Card Tarot Reading
Limited (4 remaining)
per month
This is a seven-card reading devised by the authors of the Wildwood Tarot that is literally shaped like a bow and arrow striking a target: the solution to your question or issue. You get to choose which deck I work with and whether I may publish your reading here, with or without your name. 
Crossroads Lenormand Spread
per month
So, you have to make a decision, possibly quickly. This spread consists of three "fans" of four Lenormand cards each: one describing your current life, one showing the impact of each choice. 
Happily Ever After? Lenormand Spread
per month
Three "fans" of four Lenormand cards focus on your love life: where it is or isn't, where it could be, what is holding it back. 
Which Way Through? 8-Card Reading
per month
You choose the deck and whether I may publish your reading. Created by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, authors of the Wildwood Tarot, this one draws on the wisdom of the World Tree -- the Tree of Life or Yggdrasil, depending on your view of it.
Five-Stave Ogham Draw
per month
I will draw five ogham (ancient Celtic letters) and interpret them in context given the question you email me. Since these aren't full of subconscious cues like the artwork on Tarot cards, they take a little more meditation to interpret. I will try to attach a photo of the drawing to your email response, although since these are round sticks, they don't always play nicely on a flat surface! Please allow 24 to 48 hours for turnaround. 
Decision Time: Fork in the Road
Limited (4 remaining)
per month
You have a choice to make: take a new job, or stay in the one you have? Marry this person, or take some more time to think about it? This nine-card spread covers the horns of your dilemma on three levels: the influences of, and on, your body, mind, and spirit. You choose the card deck used -- email for a full list. Let me know whether I may publish your reading here, with or without using your name.
Wheel of the Year: 10-Card Tarot
per month
A  straightforward spread showing influences to avoid or look forward to in the coming year. Makes a great present if you time the reading to start on a birthday, anniversary, or other special day. You choose the deck, if you like. Please tell me if I may publish your reading.
Deeper Questions: 10-Card Tarot Spread
per month
Devised by noted Wiccan authors Raven Grimassi and High Priestess Stephanie Taylor, this ten-card spread -- "The Cauldron" -- not only displays the probable outcome of a situation, but the influences that caused it, and what you can do to change the outcome. You choose the deck (email for a ful list) and whether I may publish your reading here. (If you want a mini-lecture on the importance of the cauldron in medieval Celtic literature and folklore, you get that too, although once I get going on this it's hard to stop me.)
Three Realms: 12-Card Reading
per month
This 12-card reading by Wiccan author Raven Grimassi and High Priestess Stephanie Taylor deals with the past, present, and future in terms of the earthly and the higher influences -- the divine, if you like. You choose the cards and what part I may publish.
Deep Tarot: 11-15 Cards
per month
This reading is for more complex issues that may require deeper inspection. I will normally use a "horseshoe" spread for this number of cards. Given the complexity of this reading, please allow up to 72 hours for turnaround. Disclaimer for timing around my job from "Standard Tarot Reading" applies. 
Through the Looking Glass: 21 Cards
per month
The authors of the Well-Worn Path and Hidden Path oracle decks came up with this intense, complex 21-card layout that draws heavily on context to discuss all aspects of your life: platonic and romantic relationships; aspirations and road blocks. 
Five-Question Pendulum Reading
per month
This involves holding a pendulum suspended over my open palm (or sometimes a "spirit board") and meditating on your questions until a clear "yes" or "no" (or a signal for "no answer at this time) is achieved. Please make your questions "yes" or "no" in nature, not "Which job offer should I take?" but "Should I take the job in New Mexico?" These readings are no substitute for qualified mental or medical help! I cannot diagnose, although I might receive a message asking you to go to a doctor. Please allow about 48 hours for turnaround. This is the highest tier because it is significantly harder in terms of mental preparation and actual procedure.
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$18.50 would cover a pocket stone of kyanite, merlinite, or polychrome jasper to keep me grounded and protected, as a "pet rock" to take back and forth to doctors' appointments. PTSD is rough.
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