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About Jensen Tung

Who am I?

I'm Jensen, a filmmaker with the mission to CHASE CREATIVITY, and I want to bring you along! I make short films, videos on culture, and inspirational pieces, all with the goal of pushing you towards a more creative and realized lifestyle.

CHASE CREATIVITY—that's the motto here. Never be stagnant in your pursuit for new experiences, and live a life of exploration, learning, and creation!

Why do I need your help?

The YouTube algorithm has changed over the years, and original, thought-provoking videos are just not encouraged anymore. This algorithm change has made my goal of producing story-driven content much harder to realize. With every video I make, I always want to leave you inspired, smarter, or at the very least, entertained.

I write, direct, act, edit, and self-fund my videos, all while juggling university and work. At the moment, I am not doing YouTube full-time because I don't have the time, finances, or a dedicated team behind me. However, I am working every day to try to change that.

As a Patron, you will tremendously help me produce videos, not only at a higher quality, but at a quicker schedule. Currently, my videos are released sporadically, sometimes being spaced out by years. With your support, I will be encouraged to create high-quality videos more consistently, and in turn, release more videos for you to watch!

Final words

Thank you for all the support! You are why I continue to create the content that I do. I cannot wait to share more short films, vlogs, and behind the scenes footage with you!
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