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About Jeremy King

Thank you for supporting my addiction to making digital content!

I love to make videos that are both useful and entertaining where I share information with viewers that will aid and empower them to take control of their technology!

My focus is on 2 ongoing series, Emulated: Exploring Emulation and Zelda Modder's Toolkit (ZMTK).

What is Emulated: Exploring Emulation?

In Emulated: Exploring Emulation, I discuss topics related to game emulation as well as share the development of game emulators and make setup guides for the community..

Emulated: Exploring Emulation - Cemu Wii U Emulator Setup Guide

Emulated: Exploring Emulation - RetroArch app Installation on Steam Link

What is Zelda Modder's Toolkit?

In Zelda Modder's Toolkit (ZMTK), which is a series dedicated to sharing tools and information in the form of video tutorials to make modding The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and other Zelda games on modern consoles more accessible to mod to newcomers, I showcase community members mods from as well as discuss topic revolving my own modpack for Breath of the Wild called Project Golden Goddess that radically alters the game (think back to the days of full game ROM Hacks! Project video below!)

There is also an actual digital download that is being worked on for aspiring modders. One toolkit to download and have all of the resources that a Zelda modder needs, all available in one convenient place.

Part of ZMTK is the development of: the "Free-Cam Toolkit" and "Modder's Toolkit" for Breath of the Wild as well as Project Golden Goddess:

Zelda Modder's Toolkit - Breath of the Wild Multiplayer Discussion!

Zelda Modder's Toolkit - Gaming Tutorials Example!

Zelda Modder's Toolkit - Glitch Spotlights Example!

Zelda Modder's Toolkit - Tutorials Example!

Zelda Modder's Toolkit - Game Mod Showcase Example!

If you want to help me do more of what I do BUT make it BIGGER and BETTER, then becoming a patron is the right thing to do!

Videos require a substantial amount of time to produce. Donations will result in more higher quality videos that I can make!

Support will go directly into upgrading the capacity of my video/audio production (hardware/software).

It will also go into sustaining services and platforms like the website as well as go towards helping maintaining the community discord server and related social pages.

Besides FUZZY FEELINGS all  other rewards for becoming a Patreon Supporter can be found in the right hand column!

Join us and together, let's make some amazing content!
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That got dark quickly! Seriously though! It sounds nice doesn't it?

If I ever reach this goal, I will be able to do this work full time!

Only with your help can this dream become a reality!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
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