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Welcome to my heART! By choosing in at this level you are expressing your desire to be a part of an AMAZING community committed to bringing more magic (and LOVE) into the world! You’ll receive my Patron-only “Random Doses of Magic”, which include poems, stories, freestyle songs, and little magical captures from my Heartists’ Way Tour. These are spontaneous moments of art (or what I’d call “living ritual”) to inspire, move and delight you. If you’d prefer text over email add in your number and I’ll dose you there ;-)
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Creative Input and Unreleased Content
Wahoooooo! Thank you my love! You’re showing me that you really want to be a part of this. Like our friends above, you’ll receive “Random Acts of Magic” straight to your inbox (or phone).  You ALSO get to receive invitations to all my live events, Songversations, and workshops before I make them public, and make suggestions on what songs you want me to cover in our Patron-feed and on Facebook.  Make sure to add me and send me a private message @ /yesjessmagic.  I'm excited to know what you want to hear!  
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Private Webcast and Live Interviews
You, my dear, will receive everything in lower packages plus: a monthly hour webcast with only myself and the $10+ patrons. (This will be exclusively for YOU. Invite ONLY!) You’ll be invited to join my monthly live webcast with all kinds of special guests, interviews, freestyle songs with other Heartists I meet on tour.  I’ll share stories, answer your questions, AND take content suggestions from this group to see what you want to hear about, whether that be what inspired the lyrics of a certain song, coaching on how to free your voice, or anything that you’re wanting me to get into more deeply. So excited for this playground of connection and expression.  Please add me and PM me @ with your questions and suggestions for songs you'd like me to cover, so I can add you to the private FB monthly video chat group! :)




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About Jess Magic

Hello Gorgeous!

Thank you for opening up this page. You are an early adopter who is helping lay the foundation for something that feels to me like a Love Revolution!

My friend Marc says, “The only way to respond in a time of outrageous pain, is through acts of outrageous love.”

That is what this page and patron community is about. We are building a platform for my heArt to generate ongoing, transformational, creatively catalytic acts of outrageous love.

What is this Patreon thing?

Patreon is the next big thing in crowd-funding. It allows artists, musicians, and content creators to invite their friends, family and fans to be patrons of their art (I call it “heArt”) through monthly contributions of ANY size and amount, $1 and up!  Through this page I can build a community who receive special treats, messages, video, behind the scenes recordings that I don't share with anyone else!  

What should you know before you join this tribe and support the sharing of my heArt?

“You heard the call. You made a choice, that led up to the change. Now the world’s not the same.”
  1. I am not a starving artist. My base needs are covered through my Free Your Voice workshops, retreats and work with private clients. (That means your support helps me support those who have been artistically starving).
  2. I am not a musician or a singer. I sing and use music as a tool to create freedom, unity and connection. I am a story-teller, a healer, a lover and an artist. Sharing my heART isn’t a hobby, it’s an inexhaustible calling.
  3. I am a heArtist, a soul activist, and an Earth keeper.  The funds raised from this page will be used to:
  • create a global platform with a team in place to help me record and produce my music, videos, live tour and come-unity events
  • build out channels of distribution like SoundCloud, YouTube so more people can receive and participate in the magic
  • support the training and cultivation of my raw gifts so I can bring my message, music and heArtisty to larger audiences and world-class stages, and create avenues for other transformational artists to come along with me (see the video below)
  • generate pro-quality songs, music videos, mini-docs, podcast and live events that allow me to NOURISH, AWAKEN, IGNITE and UNITE the hearts of HUMANITY 

Why does this matter?
“Love is the wisdom I believe.”

I am blessed to be positioned within a global community of like-minded leaders who are committed to using their superpowers to help galvanize a positive shift in our world.

However, in order to change the world, we have to be willing to feel the world...the outrageous pain, the ecstatic bliss, the insufferable anger, the immeasurable beauty…and that requires us to open, and lead from our hearts. Most of us have in some way felt an injury to the tender most core of our heart that has caused us to close it, numb it, build a wall around it, and be selective with what and how we feel, and with whom.

There is no time for this way anymore. We HAVE to come back to our wholeness and then remember our oneness. My music is a tool for that to happen and I am committed to using my gift in the biggest possible way to affect millions of people around the world, who will then in turn use their power and passion to help the whole world thrive.  

Come to Jess/Us Conversation

“Let’s write a new story, that begins with Us.”

Your participation here is not just a contribution, much less a donation. It is a collaboration, a co-creation and an activation. Being a part of my Patreon soul family means joining my team of revolutionary lovers who are living protagonists in the chapter of life called The Modern Renaissance. A time in human history where where the human heart has returned to its rightful place on the throne, with the mind as its trusted advisor.

In this story, we are the ones we've been waiting for.  We are the patrons, artists and muses who came together to serve the shift in consciousness that is happening right now in unprecedented ways.

Thank you for empowering my service to this life, and allowing me to empower yours.  Let's do this…together!
$0 of $2,000 per month
At $2000 I will be able to record 1 pro-quality mixed and mastered song for you to enjoy, and also film a behind the scenes mini doc of the process!  This will also help me start to build a proper multi-media kit that I can share with game-changing businesses to create an access point for me to weave heart-opening music and facilitation into their events and programs.
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