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Jesse TM is the composer for the groups Lying On Ice & Lessons From The Dreamtime. All support from patreon goes to support the creation of new music. I have worked with Rhys Fulber, Dave Rave Ogilvie, Edward Ka-Spel, Tony Levin, and Alex Acuna on my audio experiments. 

Lying on ice bio:
Gripping vocals, prepared piano, melancholic guitars and studio experiments build the framework for The Dream by Lying On Ice.

Imagine you have stumbled into a dimly lit club just outside Bellingham, Washington. You find a table, take a seat and realize rather suddenly that the world outside has disappeared. As unsettling as it should be since nothing here is exactly as it seems you find yourself instantly softened and soothed by the music. On the stage calling out for your attention is a bright red fabric draped between the piano’s hammers and strings gently muting the pianist’s beautiful melodies. Drawing the eye down from the bright red fabric sits the stringy guitarist blending into the back of the piano turned away from the audience and gently swaying. As the singing starts you notice the vocalist being swallowed by a light so bright it highlights the sent of dirt and rain brought by the thick cloud of incense slowly curling through the air. So bright is the spotlight the shadow created is the only indication of someone is entirely enveloped inside the canopy of light. This must be a dream, you think, as you gaze at the hair from the forward slumping drummer who starts pounding a rhythm reminiscent of ancient spiritual gatherings. The drums whose heads are covered in the same thick red fabric from the piano mutes and muffles a rhythm which seems to emanate from a strange resonating cavity inside your chest. As the songs are offered to you by this collection of instruments seemingly playing themselves you notice a chill in the air. It has grown so cold you can see your breath, but you realize you are still rather comfortable. Welcome to the world of Lying On Ice.

The Dream by Lying On Ice was formed with one goal, to create an atmosphere so thick it fills the ears, and thoughts, until time dissolves along with your surroundings. The Dream is an acoustic album swallowed by electronics perfectly at home silently orbiting the earth waiting patiently along side the flood of other celestial objects for discovery.

With thick layers of atmospheric instrumentation mixed and produced by Dave Rave Ogilvie’s distinctive in-your-face style and guest vocals by Edward Ka-Spel for the song Surrender The Dream by Lying On Ice opens the ears and pours in poetry, texture and atmosphere.

The addition of Edward Ka-Spel’s vocals on the song Surrender highlights the psychedelic atmosphere hinted at with the songs The Dream, Ava Maria, and the cover of Skinny Puppy’s Smothered Hope.

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