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At this tier you just want to see whats going on and dip your feet in. By joining at this level you'll get access to my members only Facebook group. There I place challenges, do critiques, and host Q&As for all members, checking in at least 3 days a week
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Monthly I will release a blog post with an educational element. These fluctuate between business and art, and take on a tutorial format. Members at this tier also get to help decide on the themes for the month that we are focusing on.

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The Library is a collection of marketing and business materials. Access to Model Releases, Contracts, Invoices, and more. It is updated with one new item monthly, and for easy download and search ability we also have it in a google drive that is organized for your convenience to find what you need quickly and efficiently.

(All Rewards tier down, which means you get this and everything below it) :)




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About Jessica Lark

Lark is a noted fine art and intimate portrait artist, whose hopeless romantic tendencies, and love of all things nostalgic send her in many directions artistically. Lark runs a wedding photography, cinema, and DJ Art studio, employing other creatives and artists looking to get into the industry.  Her company in part finances the creation of her Ennealogy: The Reliquarian, a 5 year project in the making.

Lark is now a highly sought after educator, multi-published author, and documentarian whose focus centers on international humanitarian aid and child centered charity endeavors.

She has worked with artists, writers, painters, sculptors, poets and entrepreneurs from 18 different countries to help get them from where they are to where they want to be in balancing their careers, relationships, finances, and life.  With her help they have opened their own studio, showed in Galleries, published books, and sold them out, increased their online and social media followings, quit day jobs, and made their side thing their only thing.

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At this level we can start offering new content with high quality video production, live shoots, Post Production, and multi part video series as well as new books and resources.  We can also double the amount of material we're outputting at each tier level
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