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Wild Flowers
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Bright colors waving in the breeze, 

petals glowing in the moonlight.

Shadows dark under pointed leaves,

Reaching up with all their might.

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Winding around on supports unseen,

Climbing up what once was green.

Tenacious tendrils curling out,

Makes great charcoal with no doubt.

California Redwoods
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Cloud clearing majestic trees,

Shade the forest floor with ease.

Home to feathers fur and scales,

Long thick branches shelters mothers.




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About JessicaCSciortino

I have been painting and drawing since I was in 3rd grade and have always wanted to make a career out of it. Up until now I have been to scared to throw myself headfirst into art as a full time thing. I am currently a homemaker and mother of two amazing kids. I felt this was the perfect time to give my art a real chance to shine. I want to be able to support my family and have time to devote to my children and support them in their creative, athletic, and academic lives. I am just starting out so suggestions, constructive criticism, and insight are always welcome. I would love input from my patrons and I look forward to developing strong relationships with the people who love my work regardless of monetary contribution. Thank you so much. I don’t have video equipment right now but that is on the future endeavors list!

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