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Hello All! 
I am Jesuka Jester, (Jesuka Arts) I am a 3D Animator from the United Kingdom. Art, comics, illustrations, 3D and 2D Animations are my passions! Hopefully I can make you happy, or make you think or inspire you in some way through my art. 

♥ Thank you very much for your support! ♥

How does the Patreon thing work?
Once you've selected which tier you want to join you'll be charged on a monthly basis for it, Then at the beginning of each month I'll be posting the rewards for each tier for that month for you to download through my personal Dropbox folders, you'll get the link via direct message (The link will expire after 30 days) and you'll be able to receive the amazing goodies I have to offer! All my Patreons will have access to polls, updates on projects and requests.  

What I'll be doing
I'll be doing art, animation and games (hopefully in the future). I'll be giving out speed paintings not released to the public, tutorials, step by step guides and downloadable files to my work. These works include; Animated works, 2D and 3D. Comic strips and digital artwork

What I can do with your support?  
With your support I'll be able to make your experience better, with better music, files, schedules and help cover costs for expenses such as; 

  • Pay for essential things like rent, bills and food to survive and continue living and doing art! :D 
  • Upgrade/replace art supplies and equipment so I can continue to create art
  • Have my own table in artists alleys at conventions to sell my art prints, and meet people who enjoy my work!
  • Invest in my online store and offer a wider range of art goodies 
Select a membership level
Nice Peeps
per month
Thank you my glorious friend! Your support means a lot to me!

You get:

- Access a Patron-only Feed

Be in the loop about upcoming projects and get sneak peeks

- Access to Patreon-only stream (When we reach over 5 Patreons)

This includes patreon only requests too!

Includes Discord rewards
Cool Dudes
per month
Amazing! Thank you so much! 

You get:

- Can vote on what I draw next! 

Can participate and give ideas on what I draw next using polls!

- Art Downloadable Content

4K Wallpaper, PNG Line art, and PSD Files

- All rewards from lower levels!

Includes Discord rewards
Awesome Amigos
per month
Oh my! Thank you so much! You’re Awesome!! :D

You get:

- W.I.Ps of Projects

This includes animations, games and comics!

- Discord VIP Status

Become a VIP on my discord server and get to chat to me and stuff!

- All rewards from lower levels!

Includes Discord rewards
4% complete
You'll be helping to support a poor artist and be awesome in my heart ♥
I'll also be able get a premium Picarto account, so i'll be able to make Patreon only Streams
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