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About Jett_The_Wolfox

My name is Jett! and welcome to my Patreon! I've been drawing for about 6 years. And I specialize in drawing anthropomorphic animals and all things cute and fuzzy~
Why Should I pledge?
I've made a decision to move away from my home town to go and live with my partner/husband in Alaska. I've decided to start up this Patreon journey in hopes of making things a little more stable and comfortable financially for us as we learn to adjust to our very new lives. I've been learning new tricks and techniques for the past few years on my art and I'm really pleased with the results so far, some of my friends have been extremely enthusiastic of my progress and recommended I consider Patreon, so here I am and I hope I can make something wonderful for you!
What Do I Get?
Why the satisfaction of supporting and my heartfelt gratitude! Also, you'll get cool new treasures, such as receiving full resolution files before they're ever posted, and more!
You're welcome to pledge any amount you feel comfortable. You're not obligated, but if you do, I will greatly appreciate it!
Thank you again for viewing my Patreon!
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You get my humble appreciation! Thank you! Every little bit helps!
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Thank you for helping me get here! I can say that majority of shopping expenses will be covered!
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