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Alexander Bard is a Swedish philosopher. Which might sound like an oxymoron, but someone had to be the first. Although that someone might not be Alexander since he doesn't believe in the individual.
Aron Flam is a Swedish comedian which might also sound like an oxymoron, but someone had to at least give it a try! Unlike Alexander he does believe in the individual. Furthermore, he believes that Alexander is one. 
The name was Alexander's idea, as was the podcast, but Aron willingly agreed. Partly because Alexander might just be one of the few people worth recording in Sweden, but mostly because even though they don't agree, Alexander is a liberating person. In thought and word. And Sweden, as well as the rest of the world, needs liberating people. Preferably on tape.
And Aron? Well, he doesn't get to say much. But he gets Alexander going, and as you'll see, that's more than enough. 
The first season will be six to eight episodes and in it Alexander will present his world view, seen through the ideas of his latest book. Which is to be released later this fall.
Aron can be heard on his podcast DEKONSTRUKTIV KRITIK, where he deconstructs deconstructivism in a constructive way. And followed through his web page

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