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About Jewell

Aerial Installation of "Waterfall of St. Louis Stories" in time-lapse.
Project by Divinemoira Studio, designed by Artwork of S. Jewell S. McGhee, for the Regional Arts Commission's "Evocation" Exhibit, a part of the Evoke St. Louis Initiative. #evokestl

What is this site?
Patreon allows artists to raise support through crowd-sourcing.  It will allow me to spend more time doing art.  If you like my art and would like to see me continue and do more, this is a great place for you!

How does it work?
Patreon automatically charges your debit, credit card or paypal account on the first of the month.  You can cancel or change you support amount at any time.

What makes your art special?
I always start with a story. Every time you hear a story you have a physical (tears, a chuckle, or a smile) or mental (confusion, contentment) reaction which is unable to be explained in words alone. I like to use abstract art as a medium to dive deeply into the complicated mess of a story and discover something more about it and about myself. I follow the flow of a story and find the shapes and colors that express its fundamental emotions and questions.

    I use my art to interpret the stories of the Bible, Shakespeare,or the newspaper, and my own life. As I grapple with Hamlet, I see lines-sharp and violent-cutting through relationships and into love. There is red: obviously for blood, but also for love (a riddle itself). A golden crown, a golden son; a golden sun breaking through ghosts, clouds, and lives to reveal blackness and blood. How black is the blackness of hate? What texture is grace? What shape is confusion, or desperation, or promise? These are the questions these pieces ask.
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