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So what is Patreon?
Patreon is a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo except instead of putting your money towards a single project; you fund the continuous creation of content. In my case, you'll be helping me afford the costs of living and writing so I can focus on that and you can get more reading material from me.

How does it work?
When you click the “Become a Patron” button, you can select how much you want to pledge per chapter or short story. You'll be charged automatically, and can adjust or cancel your pledge at any time. You can set a limit on your payments, and you'll never be charged over that limit. If you only want to spend $1, then you get to see one short story or chapter each month.

Who am I?
I am a writer, and I love what I do.
My name is Jhaydun (much like the popular name Jayden but with a little unique twist), and I'm a 25-year-old male from Australia. I am primarily a fantasy writer but have dabbled in horror, general fiction, and science fiction. I write stories in all kinds of settings, real and fiction, modern and medieval, on earth and other planets. You get the drift.

For as long as I can remember, I have had stories set in thrilling, captivating, and interesting places that I have wished to tell, and these can only be (at least for me) told through writing. Before 2015, I had been writing on and off throughout my life, it was a stress reliever, and I loved to create new things and use my imagination to do so. It was not until 2015 after being a part of a failed video game design team that I realised writing was my passion. I then began writing with the intent of becoming an author once I realised.

I'm not the most incredible writer, I know that, but I enjoy it, and I am always getting better at it. I'm reading more books and writing things that aren't in my preferred genre, and I'm asking professionals some deep questions and talking to people who know more about writing than I do.

What do I create for you?
There will be stories that I do not intend to, or fail to publish, those stories will be available here, for all of the people who pledge towards my creations. These stories will be short stories, novellas, and perhaps even novels. In the case of novels, payments will be given by chapter, rather than each story.

Either one chapter or one to two short stories will be published each month. This is at least until I can write more often thanks to the funding from this Patreon.

If any concept art, maps, behind the scenes information, or anything else pops up to be an integral part of my posts, they'll be available for everyone, patrons and guests.

On the off-chance that I do publish any of these stories in the future, you'll have access to a free digital copy for being a loving Patron. (So long as you were a patron throughout the entire time that the novel was posted chapter by chapter.)

Why use Patreon?
Reason Number One: It allows me to share my work with all of you.

Reason Number Two: I get to see and hear from all of you, what you do and don't like, and what you would like to see.

Reason Number Three: I can create a community, one where people come to read my work, one where I can interact with the lives of every person.

Reason Number Four: I will be able to afford to write for you all more often, and I'll be able to self-publish my work more often.

What you help me achieve by being a patron:
By being a patron, you will allow me to spend more time writing and getting my work out into the world. Writing is not the most well-paying job (not every writer is J.K Rowling or Stephen King), so the money I get from pledges will allow me to purchase and afford:

  • Books that can further my writing ability.
  • Professional and nationally recognised courses and classes to better my writing.
  • Professional structural and copy editors for my works in and outside of Patreon.
  • Book signings and propaganda for such events.
  • Subscriptions with things such as Writer's Digest, Grammarly, and more.
  • Food, rent, fuel, bills, and other essentials to keep me alive and well.

Some sample work:
Here's a little taste of what I can bring to your life as a creator.

Santa's Workshop - Short Story

‘Hello, elves, it’s Christmas Eve again,’ Santa said to those around him. ‘Time to get the presents ready for those on the Nice List. Elves, let’s do our best again this year!’ The elves responded with a mixture of cheers, groans and silence.
‘Do we really have to work again this year?’ Santa’s top elf spoke while his eyes traced lines on the floor.
‘Of course, each year we must bring cheer and joy to every deserving person on this wonderful Earth. Santa needs to give a good Christmas to everyone who deserves it.’
‘Okay, Santa. We’ll do our best again this year. Do you hear that everyone? Let’s do it again and get everything ready!’
Everyone in the room gathered around tables in the workshop and constructed their very best toys while Santa watched. Jimmy, a new elf in Santa’s workforce, entered the workshop and seemed unsure about what they were doing. Curious, he asked Santa.
Santa chuckled. ‘Why, Jimmy, we’re making toys for every good child in the world. You weren’t briefed in elf training? Join everyone else and make the best toys you can, I’ll even gift you a special present tonight.’
‘Okay… That sounds lovely,’ said Jimmy.
‘Doesn’t it just? Well, get to work!’
‘Of course… Santa.’
The new elf immersed himself in his work along with the others. They continued until night came and then returned to their rooms.


A knock on the new elf’s door woke him, and Santa came into his bedroom with a hastily wrapped present.
‘I prepared this a while ago, and it has some rare parts. Only open it once Christmas has come, okay?’
‘Thank you, Santa!’
Santa handed over the present and left. The new elf laid his present beside his bed and went back to sleep.


Jimmy, along with the others, stood beneath a banner with the words Christmas Day 1968 written on it. They waited for Santa’s congratulations for their last day of work. Unable to wait any longer, the new elf loosened the bow on his present, carefully ripped the tape and neatly folded the paper. He opened the box.
The utter stench made him drop it. Inside rested a glued up, glitter-covered decomposing rat. Vomit erupted from the new elf’s mouth and splattered across the floor.


‘It’s time.’ A man in a white coat interrupted their wait.
Santa entered the room and smiled. Together, with his elves, he followed the man in the white coat and lined up at a counter. Each of his elves received medication, washed it down with water, showed their mouths and then left to do their own thing. When Santa’s turn to take his medicine came, it was gone in a flash, and he turned to resume his work.
Instead of elves that filled the workshop on Christmas Eve, men and women in white gowns shambled around. They assembled glue, glitter, and ice cream sticks on top of pieces of paper. ‘Twas no longer there, that Christmas glow.

Dragon on Mars - Short Story

His mother did warn him about the expedition to Mars. Albert Dracken, son of a housewife and an astrologist, figured out why his mother was so reluctant on letting him leave.
It wasn't due to the distance, the danger of the long trip through space, or the possibility of her missing him. It must have been due to being a dragon, or part dragon, dragon-kind? He looked at his glistening purple tail and touched it. His hands, now looking at them, had grown scales similar to that of his new tail.
Finding it hard to breathe in his cramped spacesuit, he discarded his helmet and suit and left himself in his undergarments.
This red planet. A dry, cracked wasteland with no other visible signs of life. This place, so far away from home, might have actually been where his kind came from. Life on Mars? It didn't seem so obscene now that he was there.
He took a look at his space capsule and in the reflection of the metallic door, he saw what should have scared him, had he not known it was him looking back. Purple and red tones covered his body. His fresh scales covered every inch. And those eyes, his eyes.
Eyes that resembled a lizard's, eyes that felt soulless and misplaced amongst his still somewhat human body. Straight out of a book of fairytales, a video game, a movie, a tabletop RPG. A man, mixed with the DNA of a dragon.
"Commander Bracken, this is mission control. We're waiting for a report. The video seems to be broken on our end, were the cameras damaged in the rough landing on the planet's surface?" A small voice came from the earpiece that had fallen onto his shoulder.
"Mission Control, Bracken here. It seems the capsule sustained damages due to fighting against the dust storm that occurred during the decline into the atmosphere. My two other crew died from hypoxia due to tears in their suits. Orders?" Albert struggled but managed to nestle the earpiece inside his scaled ear.
"The mission remains the same. Find the source of the disturbance that is destroying our drones." Without changing his tone, the man on the other end retained his businesslike appearance.
"Affirmative, Mission Control. I'll report back when I have more information."
"We'll be waiting, Bracken."
Albert switched off the comm to preserve the battery. He turned away from the capsule and looked over his shoulder.
"Damn it, wings could have been fun." He frowned and rubbed his head.
It was a weird sensation, touching scales and feeling the impact on his skin underneath but not the direct touch of his scaled fingers.
Mission control didn't need to know that the capsule became inoperable after crashing into the surface, or that the engine had cracked upon landing. They didn't need to know he wasn't human. The term human seemed so foreign to him now.
Mars would be his tomb, but not before the mission was complete. Not before he could do something he'd never managed on Earth. He would make his father proud. 
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New Books - Achieving this goal will allow me to buy books. Whether the books be about writing, editing, or just books in the genre I am writing in. These books will help me grow as a writer.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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