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About Jhey

Why Patreon?

Well, being a indie game developer is really hard, specially here in my country, so to get any kind of support is the greatest help and motivation of all.

But after saying that, I don't think its fair to receive help just to show updates and giving exclusive acess to content related to the game, so I thought of something way more nice, here in my Patreon I'll give montly gamemaker tutorials as rewards for my Patrons.

The tutorials will be available as rewards for tier $5, $10 and above, there's nothing better than supporting a game than knowing about how its made and learning how to make something similar, being a game developer is the dream of almost any gamer, and here I'll offer you some of my knowledger for you!

I'm not a expert on coding, gamemaker or pixel art at all, I have my own style and my own way of doing things, the most important thing on making games is to make it "work" if it works, and runs, doesn't matter how you did it, as long as game works the way you wanted it to work, so that's my motto, I'll try to explain everything the best I can and show all my techniques.

Your support will help me focus 100% on the game and make me create the best final product, also I'll try to release it on as many platforms as I can and avoid exclusiveness of any kind.

My initial launch platforms are: Steam, then Switch, PS4 and XONE.

About the Game:

Void Of Space is a horror and survival game with elements of RPG, a great science fiction adventure with an awesome story, a nice crafting system, and full of weapons and equipments to massacre your enemies and explore the mysterious colonizer ship, Genesis IV and an unkown Alien Planet.

You wake up from your cryogenic capsule after hundreads of years only to find out that your family whereabouts is unkown and that almost the entire crew of your ship is missing, also every life form you encounter is hostile, your only company: the adorable support droid A.I.V., together you two must survive and find a way out of the sealed ship.


● Collect dozens of insane weapons to defeat your enemies.
● Uncovers the history of the unknown alien planet.
● Search for your family and find out what happened to the Genesis IV ship.
● Develop your friendship with your only companion on this journey, A.I.V. the adorable support droid.
● Help the survivors who inhabit the planet by doing search, collecting and hunting missions.

Game by: Jhey
Music by: HolyB
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