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About Jigme Yli-Rasku

There should be a video here, but because I am hosting my videos on my own PeerTube instance, and Patreon does not like that. So what you have instead is just a link to the video:


I created some confusion when I initially created this. I wasn't really sure what I was intending to create to be perfectly honest, or really why, so here we are updating this with a better idea of what this is.

I'm creating this as a means to create a life worth living for me. Now this seems a bit odd really, but I think the thing is, I have to be honest about that.

The thing is, it's the act of creation that I'm feeling is the important part, and when I was looking at this from a commercial/capitalistic view of making money as a means to accomplish that, it would get bogged down.

The fact is, I'm looking to create works for the purposes of expressing myself, or just sharing some of my own ideas.

If you were here before I started with that you may notice some changes, first off, I have decided to switch to a per month structure from the per thing structure. The reasons for this are several, but really mostly it is easier to understand for my supporters, and it is easier to understand for myself.

Another factor there is that, with doing it that way, it means I don't have to think too much about how the content here is getting structured, I just put it up.

With that in mind if you aren't already following me elsewhere, I suggest you do so, and especially I would like to consider following me places like Discord, Matrix, or Mastodon.

That is good for now. If for some reason you want to look at the older version I have (for now) left it as it is.

--- Previous content continues ---

I will be creating a variety of content for this.  I do not at this time know what exactly I will be creating but here are some ideas of things I would like to do:

Web Development Projects (deemed to be a "thing" when the "minor" number increases)
Web Development Information (posts, which talk about web development topics)
Research Projects (Simple Research in a number of areas, or "initiation" of more complex projects)

And quite possibly a number of other things.

We currently have created content which covers topics such as:

  • Network security
  • Identity
  • Mental Health related concepts
  • And probably more...
Open to other suggestions, questions etcetera.

Currently posting stuff on Datse Multimedia Productions website, and on the Open Psychology Project.  Will hopefully be getting stuff up on the DMP-Develop site soon, as well as possibly some stuff which will be "released" on the TR By Hand website.  

I am looking at possibly keeping support for those separate projects separated.

Please join us on: Or probably a number of other places.
$14 of $18 per month
I'll stay...  At least for now...

Not sure if this is going to show up at all or not.  Well, it will go to the list.  But I think it might have already been passed.

I feel that if by the end of 2019 I haven't got to this point, I will probably start to scale down things.  I hope that the extra from what I need to reach this goal will be met by the end of the year.  

To get there, I will need about $5.00/month extra donations (as it currently stands at the end of 2018).  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts