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I am a writer, a teacher, a traveler, and cook. Pretty sure that life’s challenges are opportunities, and for that, I’m planning a book. I'm living in China and have been traveling working and studying a fair amount.  (Check out my photos at www.ShowusChina.com!) Recently, and I've been focused on language studies, but will be able to return to crafting the reflective prose that will eventually be Reflections From China after the term is finished.

With the new phenomenon of the Covid virus and how its adding to the struggles of life, I've decided to reset how this coming book is voiced, so I'm delaying its release for now. 

Living in China has given me amazing opportunities to see the modern area in action first hand, and I intend to add an empathetic voice to the vibrancy that is here. 

While here, I have gone to some really amazing places. From Gansu to Beijing, from Shanghai to Yunnan, from Shaolin to Guilin; the spots have impressed upon me a great respect for aged, cultured places and the modern experience within them.

I look forward to sharing some of my experience with you on www.JimmerShine.com between now and then.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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