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Patreon-Only Blog
Keep track of games that I will be playing and things that are going on in my life. The blog will contain updates as to what your pledges are helping pay for, as well as schedules for real-world events that I will be attending.

Ad-Block Absolution
Throw away your guilt for having an ad blocker enabled while watching my videos - and help me bring ad-free videos to everyone else as well!
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Discord Voice Channel Access
Want to hang out while I stream some gameplay? Join the JinaweeTV official Discord channel with special voice privileges for the channel that I usually "hide" in while streaming. Remember the golden rule: don't be a dick.

  • I reserve the right to mute and/or kick people that are obnoxious or mean

  • push-to-talk ONLY unless I can't tell the difference (If you have a lot of background noise I WILL notice)

  • includes the previous tier reward(s)
Includes Discord rewards
Limited (10 of 10 remaining)
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Play with Jinawee
So many people want to play games with me, but let's face it: there is not enough time in a day to play with EVERYONE. This reward amount guarantees that you will get to play a game that we share in our Steam libraries (or any other game that we both own already) at least once a month. I will do my best to make myself available for that entire day and work with you based on timezone differences and work schedules. (Let's keep it under 4 hours of gaming though, ok?)

  • your game time may be shared with others of this tier level if we are all interested in playing the same game

  • includes previous tier reward(s)

I'm starting this reward off with a quantity limit to better manage my time - I may add more as we go.
Includes Discord rewards




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About Jinawee

<Video coming soon!>

You're probably here because you saw or heard me promote this on my YouTube channel or Twitch stream. I decided to start a Patreon purely because I believe that I provide quality content, and I want to be able to keep doing so. Life tends to discourage long hours in front of a computer screen, but gaming is one of my passions. I truly enjoy exploring new worlds and discovering what other people have created. I saw a phrase on a shirt that really struck a chord with me: "I am a gamer not because I don't have a life, but because I choose to have many."

I am starting with some small special Patreon-only features, and I will likely look to YOU to help me decide what would be a suitable bonus for being a member of those that support the channel directly. 

You decide for yourself. If you enjoy the content, if you find yourself waiting for the next video, or returning to the channel frequently, *and* you have the means to financially support it, please consider doing so. Thanks for hearing me out, and whether you decide to support me on Patreon or not, I am very glad to have you as a part of the audience.

We all want to do what we love - why can't we make what we love our career? 

Thank you for supporting JinaweeTV and helping me continue to make videos for the internet.
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First Q&A Session
Once I have garnered this much support for my channel, I should probably let you guys/gals get to know me better. After this goal has been reached I will put out a tweet (@TheJinawee) asking people to reply with questions that they would like me to answer. After I have collected enough (5-10 probably), I will record a video of me reading them out loud and answering.
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