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Joanne Meehl, Career and Job Search Strategist, answering your job search questions while helping you market yourself for your next role. 

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🔸 A few of the many REAL questions Joanne Meehl has answered from clients, now will answer on Patreon 🔸 (more to come): 

Job Search
  • How do I keep my job search "under the radar" so my current company doesn’t know I’m looking?
  • The last time I looked for a job, I used a recruiter, but this time, it’s not working -- why?
  • How do I do a resume for 2019-2020, with all that stuff about keywords, "telling your story", etc.?
  • How do I do a resume that results in getting interviews?
  • My LinkedIn profile does nothing for me -- is it worth having?
  • Is it true LinkedIn is replacing the resume?
  • I’m moving to North Carolina to be closer to do I even begin to build a network there so I can do a job search?
  • How do I connect with people who know about my next job before I do?!
  • Everyone says to network, but how? I always feel so fake trying to be someone I’m not.
Interviewing and Offers
  • Why do they ask "What’s your greatest weakness" in interviews, and how should I answer it?
  • How do I get prepared, and for which questions?" and "How do I answer ___?"
  • What about "Tell me about yourself?"
  • I hated my last boss and she knew it, so I was the first to go when the company had cuts. How do I explain this in an interview?

For the client who asked about her move to North Carolina and starting a whole new network there, Joanne answered:
  • First, take a few weeks to get settled in your new home, be with your family, start to get to know your way around. All this new stuff is a lot to take in. Enjoy yourself. Then you’ll truly be ready to plunge in. 
  • Google "job networking groups" in the area, whether they are at state employment offices or held privately at local churches or community centers. Visit a few to learn about local resources for those in job search, including what the local business networks are, beyond the Chamber of Commerce. But be careful to meet people IN jobs, especially jobs you might want, instead of only those between jobs -- because those in jobs usually have more active networks and connections.
  • Join or at least visit your professional associations there. See if you can transfer your membership(s) but even if you can’t, meet your professional peers any way you can. Listening to them talk about the local business scene will help you tweak your resume and LinkedIn for your new location and the local economy.
  • Be sure to update your location and zip code on LinkedIn because that’s how they look for candidates.
  • Your personal network can be very powerful: your new church, if you attend one, will be a rich resource for you. So will women’s groups, men’s groups, community service organizations. Ask your family to introduce you to the people in the know in your new location.
  • Subscribe to the local business journal, the one that has a list every week (such as "Top 25 Law Firms in the City"), and has weekly articles about new businesses and developments in the area. Look up the companies whose names you see and hear. Watch videos on YouTube and elsewhere done by leaders of local companies, to get to know their culture.
RESULT: This client tapped contacts at her new church AND connections to her family AND in a local professional association. Along the way, she learned of an opening with a large furniture company, and landed that role, all within 3 months of moving. 

🔸 Whose
questions do I answer? 🔸 Are you --
✦ A successful leader - Director-level (or manager) - but want to pave the runway to your next success?
✦ Outgrowing your role, or are between jobs?
✦ New grad wanting to start your career with a professional job?
✦ Want a second opinion on other advice you’ve gotten?
✦ Just a great worker who wants to know the latest about job search today?

What to expect from Joanne on Patreon:
Joanne says: Finally, a platform I’ve been dreaming of for years: a place online for an "inner circle" of people serious about their next career step, supporters I can give real ANSWERS to, about job search -- thank you, Patreon!

✦ As a Patron of Joanne Meehl Career Services LLC, you’ll have direct access to me before others who happen to email me but aren’t really serious about their careers. Thank you for becoming a Patron -- that tells me YOU are serious!
I get asked job search questions all the time. I normally charge for my time by (at least) the half hour. BUT HERE, as a Patron of Joanne Meehl Career Services, you can ask a question and get an answer. Membership has its privileges!
All I ask is that you NOT share what is posted, in any way, elsewhere. This is for Patrons only for their personal use.
✦ The answer to your question will usually come in the form of a written answer to all Patrons OR to you individually, but could also be via audio OR video to all Patrons or just to you.
As I form my answer, I’ll make that decision depending on how many others may need to know the answer as well.
And I may ask you additional questions so as to have any necessary info I’ll need to answer your question.
✦ You'll have access to content such as guides, tips, formats, how-to’s, wordsmithing, videos, audios, all as part of your level of membership. 
All I ask is that you NOT share what is posted, in any way, elsewhere. This is for Patrons only for their personal use. Know that this is new to me so I will be trying different things here as I learn the platform (thanks!).
✦ Please first check older posts to see if answers have already been asked and answered, before posting your question.
If you need more intense 1:1 help that’s more like a project, that’s available off Patreon at my website -- but my focus is here on Patreon with brief answers that give you true guidance in your job search.

About Joanne?
Thumbnail sketch: Career and job search coach
for 16+ years now, outplacement and corporate roles prior to that. I work with professionals in Sales, Finance, Operations, Marketing, IT, you name it. I’ve seen it all and regularly tap my recruiter friends and hiring managers for the latest on hiring.
Bachelors in English, Masters in Counseling, various certifications in resumes and LinkedIn, recruited to join the Forbes Coaches Council on the strength of my LinkedIn profile and my writing in-depth knowledge in career areas and career paths, gained from working with thousands of professionals over 20+ years. It’s about results, results, results. Work that I love!
For more details about my background and the latest recommendations of me on LinkedIn, go to my LinkedIn profile and scroll down to Experience and Recommendations.

For more about my coaching business and services, go to my website -- sign up for the newsletter, see my blog and links to my writing on, though as a patron you’ll have more access to me here via

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