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Hello everyone!
My name is Joann and I have a YouTube channel, "JoAnn's School".  I'm counting on your kindness and generosity to keep it going.

I grew up in the Midwest, spending most of my life in the Chicago area.  I've always loved dogs and have had many furry best friends throughout my life. (I lost my Barley in May of 2016 after he gave me 16 years of unconditional love...maybe you've seen the video I made on "Male dog diaper trick for old dogs" on YouTube? My sweet little Bitsy passed away in my arms March 2019, at 15 years old. I then adopted Betty and Bonnie, a bonded pair of older females who were at the shelter for a long time because few people want to adopt two dogs at once. Now my home is full again with Lola, Betty, and Bonnie!

Over the decades, I have proudly helped students receive awards for most improved, skip grades, avoid summer school, and pass their GED. I've watched them start their own businesses, enter and graduate college. Each of their accomplishments has warmed my heart.

I married, had 4 children (3 sons and 1 daughter), and lived in Chicago proper. I home schooled my children for grade school for a year. They returned to the school system when their grandmother moved in to have hospice care (She passed away 7 months later).  After my two youngest sons had a horrible first year of public high school, we realized homeschooling was the solution. One Algebra teacher told me that he "loved" my son attending his class, though he gave him an F, because my son sat in the back of the room and never bothered him. This teacher had almost 40 students in his classroom. My youngest son, who had always been an "A" and "B" student, began to receive failing grades that first semester. We pulled them out, then took their education into our own hands.  Both sons were able to complete their high school requirements within 18 months.

In the Winter of 2005, I had an accident and underwent spinal surgery. I spent a year in occupational therapy putting beans in a cup, putting clothes pins on the edge of a cup, learning to use my arms and hands again. Unfortunately, I never healed properly and never regained full use of my arms and hands. My only income became Social Security Disability.

In the fall of 2015, I started making YouTube Math videos for my grandchildren. I could make them at my own pace, taking it easy on bad pain days. I apologize for the older videos that appear shaky, I have since bought a tripod to steady the camera.

I realized that I can STILL make a contribution to society, teach, and help students reach their goals. My biggest frustration had been feeling useless. Thank goodness for the YouTube platform! I plan to make as many useful videos as possible. Then, go back and remake the ones that need to be more clear and concise.

My Math videos range in levels from 1st grade to Algebra II and Geometry. I'm constantly making new videos and updating the old ones. My goal is to help anyone with math that needs it. Whether trying to stay ahead of the class, keep up with the class, or pass the GED, my math videos are there to help you.

I believe we need to persevere and keep our sense of humor when confronted with difficulties. Most of my students have had a hard time with the vocabulary, terminology, used in mathematics. So, I created cartoon characters, such as the "Sad Variable", who reminds the coefficient that it's "just a number without him" (he's sad because he doesn't know his own identity). I have "2D Bob", who upon turning sideways becomes a thin line, and his cousin "3D Dave". There is the mother Bluebird feeding her babies in a parentheses nest, to show the concept of the Distributive Property. I also have "Cross-eyed Irrational Pi" and his buddy "Square of 2".

There's nothing more annoying than to be frustrated by a math concept and not having anyone who can help. I'd like to keep my YouTube videos available to the world. I can't do this without you. I am asking for your kindness to help with any amount you can. Though a great platform for sharing knowledge, YouTube is not a way to sustain a living unless you have numerous viral videos (Math just doesn't go viral).

That's where Pateon comes to the rescue! If I can earn enough each month from Patreon, I'll be able to make ends meet, buy teaching supplies, completely support myself, pay for veterinary visits and feed my dogs, maintain my home, and live without fear.

My math videos are seen WORLDWIDE. One-third of my viewers are from disadvantage areas where the possibility of going to school, attending a Math class, or hiring a tutor is impossible (especially for females). Through the wonder of technology, my lessons are available to them. This is an HONORABLE CAUSE.

Please, generously support my efforts!
Help support Joann's School on YouTube!
Help support my dogs Lola, Betty, and Bonnie.
Even a dollar or two will help!

Thank you for visiting this site!
We can do this together!


If my videos have helped you...please, please help me in return. Thank you!

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Help me (and my dogs) to survive each month and make educational videos to help students.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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