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Greetings, my fine friends. Supporters at this level will see each installment of Nightingale's Road, as well as all my previous stories posted on Patreon, along with various updates and perhaps...videos? The mind boggles.

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About Jocelyn Actual

It's story time!

Greetings, potential patronizers! I write romances and mystery novels under different pen names, but I also love fantasy, and that's what I'll be publishing here in 2019.

My patrons will be the first (and for now, only) people who get to read Nightingale's Road, an ongoing, serial fantasy adventure story. I'll post new installments every month, or even twice a month if I'm feeling saucy. If you've ever said you wanted to support independent authors writing original fiction, now's your chance, buddy. 

Who am I?
I’m Jocelyn. Made in Wisconsin, exported to Philadelphia, citizen of the ‘verse. I am a writer person. Pretty much everything I’ve done in my life is related to words and books. I’ve been a student, librarian, bookseller, archivist, editor, and a few other things. I'm now a writer. When I’m not doing things with words, I like to lay around, think about cats, and figure out new ways to incorporate cheese into my diet.

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I'm an indie author, but I still need health insurance. Help pay my monthly premium of $354! If I hit this level, I'll record a monthly Q&A for all Patrons and take suggestions for new stories and settings.
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