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Thanks for tuning in and welcome! Art is where it's at, at least for me. No matter what else I've done, all roads lead back to the wide world of creativity. It's like in The Godfather when Michael famously says, "...They pull me back in." 

So here I am doing what I love, and having fun in the process. Oh, and I want you to join me!

I created the "Bow to The Flamingo" brand of street art, designed 10-foot tall Guitars for the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame public art program, and painted modern works on canvas for galleries, companies and individuals. I bring you creative content from home-base Cleveland and from throughout the world as I travel. So whether it's street art, painting, pop art, sculpture, photography, or attending cool events where any of those are present, I'm all in.

Patreon will allow me to create more art because I'll be able to submit my work to key creative markets like New York and San Francisco and overseas markets like London and Paris where there are high entrance fees, shipping costs and travel expenses. Patrons help make my work much more accessible and global. It will decisively help me with street art and public art – a medium where there are no traditional buyers or getting paid. Street art is given to the community and can be very temporary. In this way Patreon will be crucial. 

Back in the day an artist needed wealthy 'patrons' to endorse them just to survive. But today, with Patreon, anyone who wants to can be a true patron of the arts with just a small commitment. So I look forward to providing beautiful, thoughtful, interesting, and fun creative content. Join me.

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