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About Joe Jeremiah

Hi I’m Joe Jeremiah. Thanks for checking out my Patreon!

To quickly summarize the above video; I have made a Patreon in the hopes of buying back time. I spend roughly 30 hours a week on my videos, on top of 30 hours at my “real job.” I would love to be able to drop those “real job” hours and reinvest them into making more stuff!

In the video I mention that with your support I could make better stuff, more stuff and new stuff . I’d like to elaborate on what I mean by each of these.

With regards to A-Bit of 8-Bit; I want to improve the visual aspect; making pixel backgrounds, animated characters and more interesting editing. (See A-Bit of Memes or A-Bit of Skrillex to get an idea of what I mean). I also love doing ambitious medleys and the more time I have the better they can be.

With regards to Piano Joe; I think that this series could use a pretty major overhaul! I am currently unhappy with both the sound and visual aspects of this series. To me it feels like a side project… and I’d love it to be able to stand on it’s own. (See Peter Bence or Constantino Carrara for an idea of what I envision).

When I say I could make more stuff I mean that I could release videos more frequently. However, I think that a weekly schedule is probably about as frequent as you would want for music videos (any more frequent than that and I think the quality would begin to suffer significantly). But perhaps I could do different kinds of videos in the gaps…

Isn’t it sad when you go back to a YouTube channel you used to watch and it’s become stale? Everybody needs to keep evolving in order to stay relevant and interesting. Here are some new areas that I would delve into if I had the time.

Tutorial Videos – Every day I get asked about “how to do music,” to paraphrase … I had a great time making the Patreon explanation video above and, in a similar vein, I would love to start a tutorial series explaining my approach and philosophy to music. I would imagine doing this in a similar style to Extra Credits, Alt Shift X, Kurzgesagt, Game Theory, 8-bit Music Theory or Crash Course; with spoken word supported by (pixel) animations.

Original Music – Yeah, doing covers is cool, but writing original music is REALLY COOL. I’d love to have more time for this. If I could, I would write both, my own albums and look at composing more for video games.

My Magnum Opus – I don’t want to say too much about this yet… but for as long as I can remember I have had an enormous idea bubbling inside me. It’s a story that I intend to tell using music and art. I call it a musical fantasy and I suspect that it will be the best thing I will ever make. I pray that I get the chance to complete it and share it with you.

So, there we have it, if you were wondering what I would do with your donations, this is it! Ultimately, I just want more time to make the things I see and hear in my head, and hopefully you are here because you think the things I make are alright!

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I just want to close by saying thank you and if you have any feedback or questions about this whole Patreon thing, don’t hesitate to message me!

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