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"What we play is life" -Louis Armstrong

My name is Joe Smith, and I am a musician, bandleader, and event organizer who is passionate about the preservation and promotion of vintage jazz music and dance. I currently lead a 6-piece jazz band that plays vintage jazz. What is vintage jazz you ask? Truly, it is any jazz that is pre World War II. My group plays a mix of traditional New Orleans jazz, and early swing. Our primary audience is the lindy hop community, but I am working to promote outside of the community, as I want to expore more people to the infectious joy that this music brings.

We currently have one full length album, and one EP available to the public. My goal with the band is to have a steady stream of EP's coming out. I would like to release 5-6 EP's per year, each containing 5-7 tracks, with a focused theme for each.

Why an EP rather than a full album? The cost to produce an EP is much smaller, as less time is required in the studio, and there are less arrangements required for each. This also allows us to involve more special guests.

Each EP will be recorded in a professional studio, currently we are using Immersive. The reason we use a studio is that we do our best to record with vintage practices in mind. Using old ribbon microphones, and record using only one or two microphones in the room. All tracks are full takes, we do not cut and paste different parts, or layer individual instruments. We feel this aesthetic is important as it allows the recording to have more of that raw energy, as well as more interaction between musicians.

Your patronage helps us to continue to produce new EP's and to preserve this art form, and to be able to present it to a new audience.

Here are a few clips of Joe Smith and The Spicy Pickles playing for dancers:

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