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A friend we made along the way.
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Vote on and contribute for future compilations, best ofs, live videos, and streams! Also you get a thank you at the end of every video!

Suspiciously generous
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Same as a friend and your shout out at the end of a video is in a suspiciously different color to reflect your generosity! Also, we will do a random draw of 1-4 people at this tier per month, and that person can choose a one-off for us to do, or to continue a series we already started! Plus, these videos will be available early to patrons.




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Why, hello! You've found JoeJoeHasFun's Patreon!
Hiya! I'm Joe-Joe Louis (PhD, srsly), comedian and creator of JoeJoeHasFun, a YouTube channel that does let's plays and other funny videos since 2017!

We release videos every single day, and twice per day on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and we're a channel that most people say is WAY better than what they were expecting which is simultaneously high praise and a grievous insult. :D

Why Patreon!?
We've released almost 2k videos in that time ranging from live adventures behind a table, to massive series of Zelda and Mario, to playing a bunch of one-off terrible games we got for free in a one-dollar bundle. We also have a pretty amazing twitter (run by Twitter Jeff at and a bunch of cats. 

We're adding a Patreon as we would like to have a method to receive some kind of compensation for our work. It's totally voluntary, and the current offerings for JJHF won't change even one bit. However, Patreon gives us the time and incentive to do lots of other things, new things, and things that our viewers and patrons can have more say over, which is super fun for us! 

At 1$ (A Friend We Made Along The Way)
-Vote on polls for future videos
-Submit suggestions for live videos, sketches, or compilations to be voted on!
-Access to blog posts and early access to Vlogs/AMA videos (which will be available on YouTube later).
-Name added to the credits at the end of videos

At 5$ (Suspiciously Generous)
-All of the perks of the 1$ tier
-The ability to submit questions for AMA videos
-Submit suggestions for one-off, livestream, or Sandbox Saturday episodes, or to continue already started series to be voted on!
-Name added to the credits at the end of videos (But in a different color!)

At 10$ (Whoa, really? Whoa!?)
-All the perks of the 1$ and 5$ tier
-Submit a suggestions for series to start to be voted on!
-Name added to the credits at the end of videos (But in a different color!)
-Entered into a random draw where 1 person at the 10$ dollar tier can just ask us to a do a video or livestream (within reason, because dude...)

At 25$ (Did someone say you're awesome?)
-All the perks of the 1$, 5$, and 10$ tier.
-Entered onto a list of 25$ tier members for video or livestream suggestions (have an idea? it goes in the hopper as something we WILL do during that month, at least 1 per person at this tier, unless we have too much demand.)
-Name added to the credits at the end of videos (But in a different color!)
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1000 people is an impossible level of support as far as we know, so thats our hope and dream
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