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Please consider pledging any amount of money you think I deserve per video upload!  

I am currently working on producing my debut EP in 2015.  I have written over 50, unreleased, original songs and am working with producers around the world to polish the best songs for my EP.  

My musical style is pop soul/funk with some acoustically-driven elements.  All donations will be used to expand my audience and advance my music career as quickly as possible!  

Thank you so much for the consideration and your support!
$29 of $1,000 per Video
Please help me reach my goal of at least $1000/per video upload each month and I will release an acoustic music video of one of my originals.  For every $1000 I earn in pledges per video at the end of each month, I will release another acoustic, original music video (i.e. if I reach $2000 in pledges per video upload, I will release two, acoustic music videos).  All it takes is 1000 fans donating $1 per video and you will see me performing an acoustic version of an original that I wrote!  Thanks so much for your support :) 
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