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About Joelle Monique


My name is Joelle Monique. I'm a fat, Black, queer, woman working in entertainment. While the horror stories of microagressions, working freelance, and surviving LA traffic are all vividly true, I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I've traveled the world discussing and critiquing films. From TIFF, SXSW, and D23 film and television has always been my first love. I've sat on diversity panels for HBO and have been published in Teen Vogue, The Hollywood Reporter, Broadly and The Mary Sue. I also host after shows for West World, Supergirl, Archer, Atlanta, Star Wars: Rebels, and The Magicians. I fricking love being a nerd!  

Looking Ahead: 

While I love talking about movies, my long-term goal is to do long-form interviews with creatives from all over the entertainment world. How many times have you listened to a podcast, red carpet interview, or radio show and your favorite artists sounds exhausted as they answer the same questions they answered the day before? It's annoying and feels like a waste of everyone's time. With that thought in mind I created Getting Out: An Oral History of Blacks in Entertainment. 

Long form interviews allow for in-depth conversations, exploration of creative properties, unusual themes, and life-changing moments of creative individuals. From these conversations, we can experience lives outside of our own and grow closer to the people and institutions that inspire us. But for me, the best part is when you, the folks from the internet, chime in with your experiences. There's a glowing feeling of a community of outsiders, that is hard to capture in real life. 

The first episode of Getting Out was recorded live at Los Angeles Comic Con. My guests included the former Film Editor for the LA Times and genius writer of television and comic books Marc Bernardin, Producer of Luke Cage, American Horror Story, and writer on The 100 Akela Cooper, writer of the new Black Panther Animated series and comic book pro Geoff Thorne, and writer on the HBO TV series Love Craft and former Editor at Paste Magazine Shannon M. Houston. You can watch the first episode in a link below. Hopefully this gives you a taste of what's to come. I've got many more big names coming your way soon. 

While I pursue these opportunities, I'm often working for free. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I can get travel and lodging covered. Otherwise, I pay for all of the equipment, parking, food, gas, and the time it takes to edit and publish these interviews. Even if I never make a dime, I'll continue to seek opportunities to speak to tastemakers and game changers. I do it because I love the conversations, not just with the individual, but with you, the fans. When you message me on Twitter, IG, or in the comments section on YouTube, it makes all the hard work worth it.

One day, I hope to have a show on a cable network where I can produce pop-culture news and conduct interviews, but there's a lot of steps in between then and now. 

How can You Help? 

As I look ahead at the 2019 - 2020 calendars, I want to launch myself to attend as many festivals as possible. Podcast festivals, film festivals, television showcases, comic conventions you name it. Events like this allow me to connect with more Black entertainers and an opportunity to work more freelance gigs. These festivals are incredibly expensive, but it is vital to have Black female voices be present in these predominately white spaces. We've seen the entertainment industry try to shut women up and exclude Black people. I combat this behavior just by being there and sharing my experiences. 

My initial goal is to raise $15,000. This will help cover equipment upgrades, lodging, and travel to shows. I'm looking to get a new rig for my cell phone for red carpets, a better microphone for interviews, and additional lenses for my DSLR camera. 

What do You get? 

In addition to sharing extra photos, out cuts from interviews, and videos of ridiculous questions I ask celebrities, I'll also be sharing some of my art. I'm writing a comic book with my brothers called Harshmellow about a marshmallow space pirate named Cosmo. I'm developing a series about a sister-coven of immortal Black witches, throughout American history, starting with the birth of the youngest sister on Juneteenth. I'll share sketches of the girls, journal entries, and short stories as they are developed. I'll also open my mentions to suggestions for monthly topics to be discussed in Black-versations, a monthly live chat with top tier patrons. 

So, if you like the conversations I'm having, if you want to help a young Black woman succeed in Hollywood, and if you want exclusive content from conventions, junkets, and screenings all over the world you've come to the right place. 

Joelle Monique
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